May Hot HIIT with Tricia Eastman

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What is Hot HIIT? It is a low impact high intensity workout that uses interval training to sculpt and tone your body.  This method of training burns the maximum amount of fat and calories during class.  It strengthens your core, improves circulation, and increase flexibility.  Hot HIIT classes last 60 minutes in a room heated to 95 degrees.  All movements are performed on a yoga mat, making it low impact, which protects your joints and muscles from the pounding of other exercises like running and jumping.

* Please remember mat length towel & water (we provide mats, and you can rent a yogi toes towel from us for $2 and purchase a reusable water bottle from us for $20)
* We recommend apparel similar to what you would wear to a hot yoga class 

3 weeks for $30 introductory offer, Class Pass and Peerfit not eligible for this class.